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Become fullstack
Product Developer

Transform into an independent freelancer or tech entrepreneur or the most demanded software developer by building a website builder

Stage 1

Frontend Development

Learn to build a portfolio website using web technologies, that captivates users interest and drives more attention from all around the world

Build Static Websites


Version Control with Git & Github


Program with Javascript & Typescript


Develop UI Components with ReactJS

Stage 2

Backend Development

Transform the personal website into a full blown portfolio website builder by integrating with database, adding social authentication, providing customisations and much more

Build CLI Apps with Node.JS

HTTPAsyncFile System

Build APIs with Next.JS


Store Data in RDBMS


Secure APIs with NextAuth.JS

Stage 3

DevOps & Infrastructure

Move the developed platform into a cloud, to transform into software as a Service using conatainers and leverage AWS cloud infrastructure to host the database, EKS, S3, Route53 and many more to run the service in production

Package and Deploy Containter Apps


Host Services in Cloud with AWS


What's different about Torqbit?

Open source platform

The training platform has been open sourced, and we train people to become open source contributors to build network and learn from the best

illustrative videos

We have crafted easy to understand illustrations for explaining complex concepts, thereby allowing students to move faster and start building products.

High quality coding

We emphasize on writing quality code, as the code is read and debugged multiple times. And such coders are highly demanded.

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No matter you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, this training platform is for anyone who wants to build and ship great software products.